Rabu, 24 April 2013

We Are All Beautiful

So many people think that outlook is the most important thing. Well, it’s actually not. Looks can be deceiving. I am going to talk about human’s outlook, not other things. We were born to be ourselves, and we are all beautiful in our ways. We have got to remember that nobody’s perfect. Some people have dark skins, bright skins, curly hair, straight hair,  thin body, fat body, and many more, and they are beautiful in their ways. We can’t compare someone’s beauty with others’, because we are all beautiful.

So many people only go for look, and I think it’s really stupid. The real most important thing is “inner beauty”. It’s really suck when someone has beautiful outlook but they have bad attitude and do bad things. When you have good attitude, you’ll have a good outlook.

Don’t be proud of yourself when you have a good body, good face. Because we are growing up and getting older then these things will change. But inner beauty, will never change. It’s better to have a bad outlook but having good attitude, than having a good outlook but having bad attitude.

There are 3 kinds of beauty : 1. Outer beauty 2. Inner beauty, and 3. The both.

-          - When you have outer beauty , people just can enjoy your look, but they can’t enjoy being with you because you don’t have good attitude. They will be with you or come to you only when they need you for something that needs ‘outlook beauty’.
-          - When you have inner beauty, people can feel it and enjoy being with you, however the conditions. People will love how you treat them because you have good attitude. Your inner beauty will shine out of your face and you'll always look beautiful.
-          - When you have outer and inner beauty, you need to keep it balance and be with good people. So people will be the real “people” for you, not only go for your look.

The conclusion is “we are all beautiful” (except in the eyes of insecure :/ ).
So, which one are you?

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